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DSP firmware update guide


Free for the DSP online update
              For the products  shipped before 12th. Oct. 2016, include Reference series (Reference 1, 5, 7,  8, 9,10 ), DAC 19 series but shipping after 2009, and  Master series (Master 7, 11).
              Exclude the NFB series, NOS series .
1, During 7th. to 31th in Nov, 19:00 to 22:00 (Chinese time) of every Mon. Wed. and Fri. , the worker will on the TeamViewer help users update the firmware online, please send to audio-gd@vip.163.com have a date, the email please include the unit's series number, your name, your TeamViewer ID and when you like to update.
2, Our TeamViewer  ID:  988 419 467
3, Update prepare :
             A, Restart your computer . Clean the recycle bin of your computer and shut down all other open softwares.
             B, Connect the USB blaster  to the DAC and computer .
             C, Power on the DAC (Please note: you can't pull / push the USB blaster to the DAC while the DAC is power on ) .
             D, Open the Quartus II .
             E, Keep the computer had good WIFI area . Send your TeamViewer  ID and code to our TeamViewer  ID, the worker will start control your computer , the update around spend 5 minutes.
             F, After update we will delete the firmware file, shut the online control, you can shut down the DAC, pull off the USB blaster and power on the DAC to test the new software.
             G: We had do a lot test with the online update by TeamViewer without any fail. But we can't promise in your cases. Please consider the possible and impossible risk  before ask the update, Or you can waiting some time to see if had the fail cases and consider if want the update.

Please note:
       The DSP built in product's users and who  ever post a review on web, can get the  firmware update serve all life of the unit.
       Because every human may had the personal favorites so we can't promise let the users happy with the update. If the user want to back to the old firmware , must pay USD30 for buy the old firmware software.
       DSP V7 was release in 12th. Oct. The products shipped before the date can update to the V7, include Reference series, DAC 19 series but shipping after 2009, and the DACs of Master series
       Before update , you had to buy an USB Blaster, like this or similar model.

Update steps:

1, Download and register  the download software . This software just for download the Quartus, if you had other ways to download the Quartus, you don't want download this software.

2, The update only for online update now, you had to download the TeamViewer 11 , install and you don't want register, it will give you a ID automatically .  Date the online update and send your ID through email, clean the recycle bin of your computer. During the online update, we will online control your computer  through the TeamViewer, send the firmware to your computer and delete it after update, so if the online control had break, we will not offer the warranty and update serve for your products anymore.
We wish you can understanding if we want the online update, because we find a lot fake designs in  the largest  web market of China.

3, Quartus download link 
 http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qYrQIhI,code: sij1   .Download the folder “TOOL” to your computer, and install the  Quartus 12.1 .


4, Connect the USB Blaster, the Windows request the driver install, select the driver to install

Driver: C \ altera \ 12.1 \ quartus \ drivers \ usb blaster (OR usb blaster-ii) .


5, Power off the DAC, connect the USB Blaster to the DAC, then connect the USB Blaster to the computer . ( Be note, if the DAC had power on then connect the USB Blaster, you may damage the chip of the DAC and want to pay the charge to replace. )

The USB Blaster wires had a outshoot , connect to the unit as below picture.

  Power on the DAC, open the Quartus 12.1 software , and select “Perform automatic web license retrieval “ then click “OK”. During update, you must keep your computer had the good web connect .


6, Click the iron as below (Pic1) . If the update is from our online help, you don't want do the stage 6 to 9, all operate by our mates.

7, Follow the steps select as below (pic 2) .


8, Follow the steps select as below (pic 3) .




9, Follow the steps select as below (pic 4), click “Start “ and waiting one minute while the “Program” show “Succeed” .


10, Power off the DAC, pull off the USB Blaster from the DAC, then pull off the connect from the computer.
11, For the products which is built in the Amanero 384, you can do the below hardware modify for get the better performance.
Download the RAR file      Upgrade V7.




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